About Us

Majang Inc. Attorneys is a 100% black owned boutique law firm which specialises in all aspects of corporate law, consumer law, regulatory law, employment law and related services. The firm was established as a partnership in 2010 and was incorporated into a company in the year 2014.

Our firm’s success can be attributed to the calibre of attorneys the firm employs, who have gained vast experience in their respective areas of practice. The firm’s attorneys understand that a law firm is not distinguished by the buildings or the properties it owns, but rather, by the quality of legal services it renders to its clients.

We aspire to be unmatched in our field of expertise. We intend to consistently deliver highly skilled and ethical legal representation to our clients, for a reasonable fee. We aim to achieve this by communicating regularly and clearly with our clients and to always endeavour to achieve the results desired by our clients.

Over the past couple of years, our attorneys have mastered the art of servicing the firm’s clients with the highest degree of professionalism, integrity and honesty. We have the best tried and tested hardware and software systems for maximum efficiency, resulting in a fee structure that values efficiency and focuses upon results rather than efforts.

Internally, we understand that every employee is a valued stakeholder in the firm and deserves the respect of all other members of the firm, regardless of position or stature.